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Truth is I hate it when the kids go back to school, but being a work at home Mom I do like the normalcy of my routine back. I miss the long days of summer and knowing the boys are growing older every year and are gaining their independence daily it forces me to savour these slow moments in our lives. Come September with school, two hockey schedules, and our own businesses to keep up with, it’s easy to see why we love summer so much around here.
But…with back-to-school comes two of my favourite things…lists and organization! 💪 yes!

Our school posts school supply lists on their website, which has been so handy for us to start from.
Here is our list from last year and some snaps of past lists that the boys have made.

However you do your list break it down in to manageable chunks and conquer the list over a week or two. Dragging two or more kids to the stores and trying to beat out your list is one day is way too much for your sanity and theirs.
Think about what you can order online? What do you have to go to the store for?

We break it down as…
School Supplies
We typically order school bags and lunch boxes online, we also check our inventory of name labels and get that order in asap.

For clothing I tend to only buy a few things at this time, I buy the bulk of their clothes in October as that’s when my budget allows.

Block off a few days in the last week or one day a week to knock things off your list. Create a box for each child to keep the supplies organized until you label them and pack the bags for the first day.

Back To School organization

Then sit back and know you have everything done and can enjoy the last days of summer with your family.

Just landed on our 30-day Challenge? Think it’s just what you need to reset?

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Day Thirteen – Linens and Laundry Organization

Day Fourteen –  Back-to-school Lunch Plans

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Day Seventeen – Toy Organization

Day Eighteen – Sock Drawer Organization

Day Nineteen – Bedside Table Organization

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