Getting Ready for Summer….it’s almost here!

The kids are counting down the days, minutes, and seconds until they are free for Summer, but are you ready? Hit the Summer vacation ready and organized with our handy tips to ensure your summer goes off without a hitch.

This week: Organize your teacher gifts.

Being organized the week before allows us to make/buy gifts that our teachers love instead of ending up in the junk drawer. No Mugs please!

Teacher Gift Idea’s

A hand-written note is probably the most wanted gift by a teacher. Have your child write the note explaining what they loved about them, how they helped them and how they will remember them. Your teacher can look back on these notes for years to come and can become a legacy for their family.

Gift Cards, the denomination doesn’t have to big but Chapters, Amazon, and Walmart are great places for teachers to stock up on items for their classrooms.

Donations to Charities in their name is another way to show you care. Find a local Charity close to the school that helps your community if you don’t know your teachers favourite causes.

Count down to Summer!

What to do before June 29th…

Getting Ready Summer

 1. Stock up on

  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray
  • Organize and purchase any First Aid items
  • Freezies/Popsicles
  • Marshmallows and S’more ingredients


2. Check bathing suits and shorts for rips, tears, and sizing. Fix or replace them before it’s too late.

3. Purchase, or clean sandals, and/or flip-flops. These come up quite well with an SOS pad 😉

4. Pull out the beach bag, launder the towels, dig out the goggles and get

prepared for the beach. Getting Ready Summer

5. Check the sprinklers, hoses etc. Nothing beats a backyard sprinkler on a hot day, but nothing is worse than an excited kid and a hole in the hose 🙁

6. Organize, repair or replace outdoor toys, sidewalk chalk, bubbles etc.

7. Print out a calendar for July and August, sit down with your kids and ask them to write out a summer bucket list. Then fill in all the things you can on the calendar. We try to plan a day trip each week, either the Beach, Darien Lake, or a trip to the Blue Jays Game. Everything else on the list just happens when we can.

8. Pump up bike tires, soccer balls, basketballs etc. give a quick organize to that section in your garage so the kids can find what they need without “MAAAAM, I can’t find it!” ringing through the house.

9. Plan some healthy summer snacks, be stocked and ready to go on a day trip at a moments notice.

Getting Ready Summer

Most importantly, enjoy your Summer.

Next week we will have some Family Summer Fun Idea’s for those lazy days of summer right here in Niagara, in case your stuck thinking ‘What can we do Today?’

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