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Maybe you work from home, or you organize your home from a desk in the kitchen. Maybe you don’t need a desk but have a command centre or ‘launch pad’ that you use instead. Whatever that looks like in your home, let’s get it back to organized. We all know little hands can get in there, some days when we have too much going on or you stumble through the door after a late hockey game, you don’t feel like putting everything in its place. So go and corral all your things and get them in their place once again.

Desk Organization
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As we have said the past ten days, start with a clean slate. Empty your desk top and drawers and give every wipe down.

Desk Organization
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Sort your items like with like and make sure you evaluate each piece, do you really need it? How often do you use it? If you don’t need it/use it donate it. Trash all the broken pencils, post-it notes from 2009 and anything else that is taking up space.

Here are a few ways to sort your items, you can most of these drawer inserts at the dollar store, IKEA or order them online at the Container Store (<– careful, it’s addictive.)

Put all your things back looking all clean, pretty and organized and go enjoy your weekend!

Check out our desk organization board on Pinterest.

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