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entertainment area organization
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Welcome to Day 8 of our 30-day Organization Challenge!

This is a project I am in desperate need of. After Christmas we hung our tv on the wall…and it served its purpose to open up the room (ok I hung it ¼ inch higher on one side but who’s measuring?) what I didn’t account for were the wires…the amount of entertainment boxes we had and all the crap that goes with them. So learn from my mistakes and get organized 😉


Start with a clean slate, empty off the shelves, cupboards, baskets and wipe them down.

Start your piles, broken, lost, donate, and keep should be good.

Give all the items you are keeping a quick wipe and start thinking how you can organize the shelves or cupboards to keep this area organized.

Put all your items back and admire your handy work. This is another area that may need some tweaking over the next few weeks or months. Don’t be afraid to change things up and make it work for you and your family.

Yes we have some inspiration for you..right here!

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