Freezer Organization | 30 Day Challenge

Another easy project today, this one should take 15 minutes and will save you time, sorting through your freezer, and money, not buying items you already have.

Freezer Organization
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We have a side-by-side fridge freezer and I’m not a big fan, but ten years ago when I bought it I swore up and down it was my dream fridge. We keep day-to-day frozen food in that freezer and have a chest freezer in the basement for the rest.
We use these handy boxes to corral our frozen goods and it works out well for keeping the bottom of the freezer mess free. I bought mine at Canadian Tire.

Start by emptying your freezer and sorting your food by type, again whatever works for you. We have frozen fruit, sauces, waffles, bread, vegetables. Toss any expired food and put all your food back in the organizers of your choice.

While your here, take stock of what you have and keep it in your household binder so you can check what you need and what you have on meal planning day.

Freezer Organization on Pinterest

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