Jewellery Organization | 30 Day Challenge

An easy project for today, yay!
Find all your jewellery and empty it on the table. Fix any broken pieces and organize piles of broken, need to cleaned, donate, or pieces you don’t wear but aren’t ever going to get rid of, yes I’m talking about the fifteen macaroni necklaces that are best served in your memory box not your jewellery box.

This cleaner is available at Wal-Mart and takes next to no time to give back that shine to your bling.
Here are some cool jewellery boxes

If you don’t have/want a jewellery box and prefer to keep your items in the open for easy choosing everyday here are some great ideas for DIY jewellery organizers.

Jewellery Organization
Source: Pinterest

Put all the items back you are keeping and knock another project off your list.

DIY Jewellery Organization on Pinterest