What’s going on around here? | Kids in Niagara Office December 2016

Christmas has come and gone, and tonight we ring in the New Year. Most of us are wondering where this year has gone and how we can collectively slow down the hands of time, we are busy preparing for parties, pouring the Champagne, or mulling over the best New Years Resolutions we aim to keep. <— Ahem.
This month we slowed down, we stopped and spent valuable time with friends, family, and the hockey arena. We are a hockey family and spend countless hours at the rink, are blessed to play with some amazing kids, and even more awesome parents. The Holidays have been a time of joy and we hope that you experienced that too, between the shift work, single-parenting, stress, and the ever-growing financial burden of Christmas, we hope you had a moment to breathe, reconnect with what’s most important to you, and enjoy your holidays, however they may look.
What we’ve been up to in the office…
We made a few key changes to the site this month:
Each directory now has a heading so you can see what area the vendor is located. This will help you work out if it is close to you and whether or not it’s worth the travel time for your family.
We made some small changes to our large screen layout, it was a too big, so we condensed it a little so it’s doesn’t look like we are all blind. Take a peek at the 27” desktop version, it will be easier on the eyes now.
We launch our Vendor Spotlights in January where local vendors can give a spotlight to their business, products or promotions. You will see these spotlights on the home page, we hope they help you with your choices.
Just three small changes that took up most of the month, in January we will focus on rounding out the vendor lists and our blog content will grow daily from our guest contributors. We are always looking for vendors, experts, stay-home-Moms, work-at-home moms, new Moms, or Dads to join our community and write articles for our readers. If you are interested, and no you don’t have to be a gifted writer, we are always here to help, drop us an email, we’d love to hear from you!
Thank you for sticking with me, I dreamt that Kids in Niagara would be a much-needed resource in the Niagara community, and am just so tickled that you are here with us on this start-up journey. We hope you stay and watch Kids in Niagara grow in 2017.
Happy New Year!

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