Magazine & Book Organization | 30 Day Challenge

Magazines & Book Organization
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This is an easy organizing project! Magazine & Book Organization, set a timer for 15 minute chunks through the day.
Most magazine subscriptions are available across mobile devices but there are a few I like to keep in print. I’m a cross-reader, meaning I have both books and the Kobo App to read books from the family iPad.

Let’s start with the books…

Pour a small bucket of warm water, take the bucket and a cloth to the book place(s)
Take each book and give it a quick wipe, while you are wiping determine if it’s a book you want to keep or if you can put it in the donate pile. You will end up two piles at the end, remember the challenge is to organize and simplify not hoard 😂

When you have completed a shelf, wipe the shelf and put the books back.

Magazine & Book Organization
Source: Pinterest

Some people organize by author, some by title, I used to organize by height but now I like the eclectic look of books and don’t follow any organizational structure on my book shelves.

Continue until you have clean shelves and a pile of books to donate.

Magazines don’t need cleaning but a quick dust wouldn’t do them any harm. Organize the magazines in to a toss pile or keep pile and put in neat magazines racks to keep them from getting tattered and torn. Find a place to put your magazine files so they are easily accessible especially if they are cooking magazines.

Check out our magazine & book organization board on Pinterest.

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