Medicines & First Aid Organization | 30 Day Challenge

medicines & first aid organizationAbout five years ago I had to tackle this area in our home, we constantly needed first aid items, cough medicine, allergy medicine and I couldn’t get organized. I had them all over the house, never knew what I needed and frequently ran out. No Advil at midnight for a fever…is no fun.

So I bought all the items to the kitchen table, checked the expiry dates, tossed what was old or we didn’t need and organized them by category.

I found these categories worked for us…
* Little Boy Medicine
* Adult Medicine
* Cough Medicine
* First Aid
* Other items

I found these boxes at Canadian Tire, labeled them and put all the items in their respective boxes.

The first aid stuff I put in these drawers also at Canadian Tire, it was so handy to open up the drawer and grab a band-aid or whatever we needed.

Lastly the ‘other items’ that were either too big for the boxes, drawers, or didn’t fit in to the categories went in a basket.

This system has never been tweaked, it worked so well for us we still use it today. Every six months I go through and discard old expired products, buy any new items we need (most of which can be found at the dollar store) and it’s done.

Find a method that works for you and stick to it. Life is much easier with simple organization.

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