Pantry Organization | 30 Day Challenge

Pantry Organization
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Whether you have a walk-in, a tall cupboard or a few smaller pantry cupboards you know that it can get messy in there and the result is…you don’t want to bake, or cook knowing you have to look into that mess.

Empty everything out and wipe the shelves down.

Take stock of what you have and sort like with like to help you organize your needs. Check expiry dates and toss items you don’t use.
Really thought you were going to make a balsamic reduction and bought the glaze? Yeah, it’s gotta go.

Here are some pantry organization ideas, some of which are totally doable from the dollar store. A pretty, functional pantry (yes, I had to correct this spelling of Pantry from Panty 😂😂) is easily within your reach.

Check out our pantry organization board on Pinterest.

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