Paper Organization | 30 Day Challenge

Paper Organization
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Paper Organization may take some time but we are going to split it into bite-sized chunks that you can do 15 minutes at a time.

Step One
Sit down and assess your paperwork system
Is it working?
What works?
What doesn’t?

What are your needs?
Home Expenses?
Business Expenses?

How much room do you have to store your current year paperwork?
A binder, a file box, a filing cabinet?

If you suck at paperwork try not to make your system too intricate as you won’t stick to it and it will be messy again in no time.

Some ideas to get you thinking…

A binder system, divided by month. Hole punch and keep all our bills and bank statements by month. You can also add a binder sized envelope to each month for loose receipts.


A file box, can be done the same as above or a file for each group…bank statements, phone bills etc.

Paper Organization
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A filing cabinet, again this can be done either way listed above. Whatever works for you.

Paper Organization
Source: Pinterest

Make it pretty, make it function for your family and you will have no problem keeping it organized each month

I have a mixture of all three systems and an online system in the ever wonderful Evernote App. I have tried to go paperless for years and it’s been a process (so don’t think it happens overnight) but now I have all my bills delivered online and I download them to Evernote, keep them in a specific notebook and tag them for easy retrieval if I need to look at a bill. The extra two steps I have to take here are recording each months total in a spreadsheet for tax time and checking off I entered the bill to Evernote so I know I have everything at month’s end.

Which ever system is right for you and move on to step two when you have another 15 minutes today.

Step Two

Get your paper organized into whatever piles you have chosen to categorize your paperwork. Order it bay date so bills are easily found and put them away in your chosen system.

Come tax time everything will be organized and ready to go, or if you need a bill you can retrieve it easily saving you time and sanity throughout the year.

Check out our paper organization board on Pinterest.

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