Purse Organization | 30 Day Challenge

We all know we try to stuff every possible thing in our purses. According to the Ontario Chiropractors College carrying a purse that is too heavy can cause pain and injury to your back or neck.

If our purses were more organized would we need to carry as much around?

purse organization

How does your purse stack up to your daily life. Are you constantly
rummaging around to find lip blam only to find it’s old, or lost?

Simple organization can help start the new school year off to a good start and it will make all the difference.

Keep the things you need at hand on an hourly basis and ditch the rest.

Start by dumping the contents of your purse, remove all the garbage, empty gum wrappers, old lip balm and start with a clean slate.

What do you really need? Work out what’s best for your purse and discard the rest

Check your purse for any rips or tears and mend if needed.

Pack your items back in your clean, organized purse. These mesh makeup bags make finding your items a cinch and keeps everything together.


You can always go one step further and find a handy pouch like this keep all those items in their place. It makes changing your purse easy too.

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