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school supply organization
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Can you believe the first day of school is just around the corner? Eleven long weeks have flown by and now routine and organization are a must to your every day.

I’ve said it before, I never want Summer to end but there is something about Fall that has me looking forward to this next chapter of our year. We get our routine back, our schedules, and time to get organized.
Maybe you can create that thing you’ve been dreaming of all summer, brainstorm that business you hope to start, or just get back to normal and breathe a sigh of relief.
For us, Fall means hockey. 6am practices, three times a week, weekends away at tournaments, and games every weekend across southern Ontario plus businesses that we run, volunteer work that we do, and most importantly family time. This is what most families look like, it’s what we do and I can hear you saying, we wouldn’t have it any other way!
Let’s get our school supply organization done and finished so we can enjoy our last holiday weekend of the summer.
Grab all the supplies, like everything. Bag, lunch bag, indoor shoes… and put them on the kitchen table or coffee table.
We use Mabels Labels to keep our things organized and easily returned if lost. We have used the same scissors and earphones for about four years from using these labels, which means saving money in the long run.
Back To School _GEN 240x250
Separate what you need on the list from what you will keep at home as spare and put those spare items away.
school supply organization
school supply organization

Label what will go in the pencil-case, bag etc. Don’t forget the shoe labels! Ever since my son got off the bus with only ONE shoe we have used these shoe labels to prevent them getting lost again. I know really? How does that even happen?

But anyhoo…
Check your list, pack their bag, put it away, and go enjoy the last days of summer!

Just landed on our 30-day Challenge? Think it’s just what you need to reset?

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Sign up at any time of year for our 30 Day Challenge here.


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