Sock Drawer Organization | 30 Day Challenge

sock drawer organization
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Who else has piles of single socks in a basket that will never find there sole-mate? Do you know what you need to buy for back-to-school? If we organize our socks and sock drawers we will go shopping knowing what we need and not waste money buying more socks, or the wrong sock, only to find out in October you need to buy more 😔

Have the kids pair socks for you while you are sorting the drawers, it will help cut down time on this project.

Start with your own socks and empty the drawer, sort your socks in to a toss pile, summer/winter/workout/hockey/work socks, again whatever works for you. As you sort the socks, check them for holes and worn heels.

Add the newly paired socks and take stock of what you have, write a list of what you need to purchase and put all the socks back in the drawer.

Move on to the next room and don’t forget to share your progress with us at #KIN30Day2017

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