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We all know that physical activity is one of the most important parts of good health. It helps prevent many diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke, so being active is important throughout your life. It’s easier to prevent health problems rather than treat them later on.

staying active kidsAs parents, there are times when we struggle to do all the things we should be doing with our kids, but remember, not everything needs to be an organized sport or event! There are many things that you can do to keep your kids active in Niagara region!

** Take your kids on a hike. The Bruce Trail is Canada’s oldest and longest foot path and is right in our backyard! There are many sections that are great for families with kids of all ages, and it’s free!

** Go to your local park, fly a kite, play hide and seek, or have a scavenger hunt.

** Walk to the store instead of driving. You need to pick up a loaf of bread, turn that simple errand into active time for you and your kids.

** When the weather is bad, build a fort in the living room, have a dance party, or make an obstacle course using things around your home.

Children love to play with their parents, they don’t need any special toys to stay active, they just need you to encourage them. Starting early means a lifelong enjoyment of physical activity, and ultimately health!

Another key component in having active and healthy children is to be a good role model. It’s important to make time for yourself to stay active. Attend a strength training session, take a yoga class, or whatever type of physical activity you enjoy. A parent who takes time for themselves and feels positive will be a better parent and partner. It’s an important part of parenting that is often neglected!

Remember, your children will want to do what you do, so stay active and bring them along!

It’s not always easy, but being a positive, active role model speaks volumes.



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