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A few weeks ago we shared some reminders to get you ready for summer, we had some questions about our bucket list, so here is how and why we have our Summer Bucket List.

Summer Bucket ListI give the boys a sheet of paper each and ask them to think of things they’d like to do in the summer and if they get stuck they research idea’s on the iPad.

One child comes up with all the idea’s and the other struggles with this exercise but won’t look anything up, the joys of kids!

I leave them for a while, try to remind them of things they have aid, or taken an interest in at sometime, and see if they would like to expand on it. Sometimes it’s a good reminder, other times they are over it and we move on.

So our 2017 Summer Bucket List looks like this…

Summer Bucket List

It doesn’t have to be pretty, it just has to work for you. The kids will enjoy dreaming of what they can do this summer and you will get peace of mind knowing you are choosing things to do they are all in for.

We then take those big ticket items, mainly the day trips like the Blue Jays game, the Beach etc. and put them on our ‘day trip day’ on the Family Calendar. We hang the bucket list on the fridge so on a day when we don’t have something to do we have the list at hand. An impromptu water fight or a trip to the driving range can easily be found without wasting time wondering what we can do today.

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