Welcome to the 30 Day Organization Challenge

The kids are going back to school, can we hear an Amen?

Of course we can. We all love our kids but there’s just something about the first week of school that has us happy dancing all over place.

Peace, quiet, organization…that’s better. But wait, with the long, dog days of summer are you really organized? We know we’re not ready and that’s why we devised the 30-day-challenge, to get us back on track, organized and ready for that angel-singing, can’t wipe-the-smile-off-your-face first day of school!

Our mission for this challenge is to get the little things organized that impact us in a huge way. Who wants to hear “MMMMOOOOOOMMMMM! Where’s the…” (insert panic item here). These next 30 days will give your family ownership of where stuff belongs.

Most of our mini challenges will only take 15 minutes, depending on your mess level, some might be more involved for you but set a timer for the time you have and give it a good go. We aren’t aiming to be perfect, cause perfect is overrated, just do the best you can in the time you have.

Remember to shop your home before buying anything, you never know what you can source in your home to help with your organizing projects.

Keep us up to date on your progress on Instagram using #KIN30Day and we can all see the amazing organizing projects you are working on.

See you tomorrow!

It’s not too late! Sign up here and start your 30 Day Organization Challenge any day of the year!