What’s Going on Around Here? | Kids in Niagara | January Edition

What’s going on around here?

Our first major update rolls out today, we had some buggy issues, and dropped pages to sort out. Some layout issues to clean up and generally make the site flow a little better for our users.

Here’s what we’re working on in February:

A new section of the website called ‘Play Sports In…’

The ultimate guide to Kids Sports in Niagara!

Every sport association in your area with registration info and links to online registration directly from our site.

No more endless searching for sports teams, we’ve got them all!

Summer is coming…

We have started work on our March Break and Summer Camp Guides, downloadable pdf’s for you scour at your leisure with all the camps Niagara has to offer.

The Kids in Niagara March Break Guide will be available February 6th

The Kids in Niagara Summer Camp Guide will be available March 1st

We are working with our Community Partners to see What’s up for Summer!

Fun, Free, or low-cost ideas to do with your family during the summer vacation.

So all you have to do is click on Kids in Niagara.ca and easily find ‘What can we do today?’

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